Naming, Slogan, Visual Identity



Visual Identity

Anna Margaryan
Hripsime Minasyan
Lili Badasyan

HayPost Team
Armoteca is an Armenian online wine and sweetmeat shop-gallery in pursuit of worldwide brand awareness.

With a bold intent to unfold the unique and gratifying taste and cult cultural traditions of making wine and national delicacies, Armoteca believes that the world’s sophisticated palates have to sample these Armenian essentials. So, the shop’s user-friendly and money-time-saving online website exhibits “mouthsome” types of Armenian wines and delicacies ready to be fetched to the globe.
With all this in mind, we had pretty many challenges to complete. To get started, our team needed to create an identical brand name, logo, packaging design and social media visual concept. Our priority was to convey the Armenian cultural spirit and make clients feel closer to Armenia.

Our team decided to start with the name. As the name had to have an Armenian element, we chose the prefix “Arm” and added the Latin term "Teca," meaning "gallery of similar things." Next, we started to create the logo. Wanting the customers to feel the warmth of Armenian culture and people, we selected yellow, thus the sun. For the packing, we added symbols of Armenian culture in the form of Pomegranate and Mount Ararat, sealing it with the positive slogan - "This is me - The sun", while seeking to familiarize clients not only with the product in the most optimistic way, but also with typical traits of the nation.
The next and last stop was the design of visuals for Armoteca’s social media pages with the “to stand out” mission to be completed. As a result, our team created a distinguishing brand identity with all required consistencies.